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Allot of the products are coming onto the webpage. Just neat little items related to the Wigwam Motel. Products always change over the seasons; sometimes we have past years items (hard to finds) but we always introduce new products. Just a way to continue collecting Wigwam Motel goodies. Thanks for the support!


New Mint Tin's:


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  • Swat on

    the crash will happen a ctreain way, my position was if people’s(anyone’s) lives are going in a ctreain direction(enough factors in their life stacked up against living subsistence); as in rural supermarkets are cut off from food shipments and they live rurally then its ‘back to the land’ and the realities that do follow, which are obviously quite varied. tons of ways crashes can happen, i dont know how it all will go. i could have clarified with saying i am speaking from a ctreain angle: as in a rural town gets cut off from food and electricity and those who stay are “in it”. the deer question from above: the deer can be hard to find up here in mild winters and when their numbers arent the highest when the snow isnt deep enough or crusty enough to cut their lower legs and not cold enough, they yard up in cedar forests under porcupine trees and we cant tell why one section of cedar forest and not another which can make for some long ass walks looking and lookingmark said “Tim seems to be taking a bit of a microscopic view of the world. But good storyteller none the less.” yeah that was my point: people’s personal lives, where it is a hand to mouth existence. i am not commenting on the complexities on the whole of the industrial system when i say many people will be overwhelmed without enough time to adjust, if things get serious enough where there isnt bananas oranges, pecans, and butter from stores then most of us will die my experience tells me. or, it likely is so hard that only those with a huge will to live, functioning social skills, and highly adaptable, and strong bodies and minds will live; and brutal even then.( again, a fast crash) and that is how i see it going if any populace keeps going for the american dream whether its one family, or a town, or a nation. wherever resources are cut off the extreme challenges will be felt. i have tested myself and been surprised at my weakness, i dont know if i have what it takes but i ll die trying. and to clarify this is not meant to depress me or scare others, its not like i fixate on “oh we’ll all die die die” someone said it in an above comment the future will be interesting, hell yeah! what else is there? sure for many of us there is a period of grief but then its time eventually to get over it, and to live closer to the land how we see fit and fits our circumstances.i am in support for how almost anyone’s lifestyle is, to clarify i am not a one way truth primitivist, though there is something to be said for trying to trap an animal primitively and how much more one learns and how many more mistakes there are to make. then one uses a steel trap and bam ya got the animal. as for pangola, i would like people here to know that i know her personally and pretty sure is the same author nemeses as teaching drum turns, as dragonessa on the old anthropik site blog, i know almost all of the 11 month year long graduates of teaching drum, and no one but her is writing criticism like that, i have been in the milwaukee journal newspaper photo about the school, a local nbc rhinelander reporter just interviewed and filmed me, and been on two front covers of wilderness way magazine photos that were taken on teaching drum property so i dont know why google doesnt have squat, i agree with pangola about dealing with local politics in some situations, very important.pangola hasn’t been here in 8 years so how do you know what is even going on? to call it a cult.and, we dont have drum circles here, that was some of the prose.

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